Why You Should Consider Owner Financing To Buy A Cincinnati or Dayton Home

benefits of owner financing a home
For many people, owner financing is the best way to own a home… particularly when you’re faced with bad credit, or a lack of W2 income. We can help!

There are a lot of benefits of using owner financing to buy your home in Cincinnati or Dayton!

Across the past decade, banks have become pretty strict on their lending criteria. They often use antiquated methods of qualifying folks that relies heavily upon “traditional” sources of income.

Some of the reasons it’s often better to buy a home via owner financing include:

  • No banks!  As a buyer, getting a mortgage can be difficult if your financial situation doesn’t fit into the bank’s “requirements”. We make it easy without the banks!
  • Profit from home appreciation right away. Often, homes in Dayton or Cincinnati are worth more on the day of the purchase than the price that you’re paying! This can be huge money in the form of equity gains right out of the gate.
  • Move in fast. Since you don’t have to wait for a mortgage, you can often move in right away – and get started living a new life in the home of your dreams!

So don’t wait!

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