The Pathway Process provides you with a Path to HomeOwnership based on your actual life and real wealth.

Here’s How It Works

Our Pathway Process to HomeOwnership is quite simple.

Of course, as a first step, you’ll want to Get Pre-Qualified with us and tell us what type of home you’re looking for, your budget, etc (START with the form to the right)

Step 1: “Dreaming of Home” – Our application is simple and doesn’t take much time to complete. After you’ve done that and have been pre-approved to purchase one of our homes, it’s pretty smooth sailing from there. Rather than needing to involve a bank and the eleven different people that are part of their strict and outdated qualification process, and feeling like you’re getting the run-around, only to ultimately be turned away (yeah, we don’t get it either – how can they look at the cash reserves you have shored up, and how much money you earn every year, and tell you that you can’t afford a loan, with a straight face?), we finance the property for you with what is called a “land contract” or “contract for deed”

Step 2: We’ll look at your situation, and the type of house you’re looking for, and show you available options here in Cincinnati & Dayton, Ohio. Again, our current inventory isn’t always fully-updated on our website, so even if you didn’t see something that’s the right fit for you and your family when you were first browsing around and trying to decide whether or not to contact us, keep in mind that it’s highly likely we DO have the perfect home for you in the wings, and it just hasn’t been posted publicly yet.

Not every home is listed on our website. Ask us about our upcoming inventory! Photo by August de Richelieu

Step 3: Take a closer look at the homes we’ve presented to you that we believe fit what you’re looking for. We’ll have plenty of photos to look through, and when you see one where you’ve already started planning how all of your furniture (or figurine collection, or football memorabilia, or creepy doll collection, or zombie apocalypse stash of MREs, we don’t judge) will be placed in all of the rooms, we can schedule a showing for you, and you can pay a visit to the house in person (and measure that one corner to make sure that the bedroom set WILL fit the way you’re envisioning it).

Step 4: After inspecting the home thoroughly**, you’ll want to contact us to complete the remainder of your application and provide any missing documents. At this point, we will submit your application to our financing department for approval. This is simply to ensure your ability to pay for your protection. Once we receive confirmation back that you’ve been fully approved, you will be required to place a deposit with us to hold the home on reserve for you, and we will contact you with the rest of the details of your new home purchase. You will be contacted by our closing service to schedule the closing with you, at a time and place that is most convenient for you. At closing, you will sign the necessary paperwork, and transfer your down payment to complete the transaction. You’ll receive your keys and some FREE valuable resources and references to ensure you’re well-equipped to look after your new home.

Step 5: “Moving Into Home” – WOOHOO! Congratulations on becoming an official Ohio HomeOwner! Make the house a “home,” and take pride in what you’ve worked so hard for all of these years. If you want to paint a large mural dedicated to the Cincinnati Bengals on the wall of your den, then by all means, WHO DEY it up, because that space is now yours! You will receive an envelope or email containing your finalized Land Contract purchase agreement within 2 weeks for your records.

**Please Note that any issues or concerns you have about the condition of the property should be discussed with us as soon as you’ve finished the inspection. All houses are sold “As Is”. There is not necessarily anything wrong with the home, the phrase simply means that we will not be making any repairs or improvements prior to the sale of the home. We will also not be making any guarantees or warranties in regard to the condition or livability of the home. This is why we always strongly encourage you to do your own due diligence and inspect your home prior to claiming the home and placing your deposit against the property. Deposits are refundable if you do not qualify.

Apply to get Pre-Qualified and be notified FIRST about our homes that are coming soon across Dayton and Cincinnati!